Magura MT8 vs XTR M9000 ?

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by Jmdesignz2

Magura MT8 vs XTR M9000 ?

Read some recalls were done on the MT8s initially. Are these sorted out now?

Anyone having any issues currently or with XTR M9000 brakes?

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by bikemaniack

The recall was for the previous version of the mt8

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by atonik

I had 2013/4 MT8 (had both levers recalled) and didn't like their modulation or stopping power. Not even a little bit. Exchanged them for M9000 and IMO they are much better in both fields. However, 2015 MT8 are far more powerful than M9000 according to this

But they cost twice as much as M9000 :<

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by bm0p700f

Have not tried the mt8 brakes. My xtr race brakes stop me very quickly. I wouldn't want a more powerful brake I would be able to use the extra braking force without going over the bars.

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by gfeldy

I was really fast a few years back and I think it had to do with the lack of brake power (MT8's). Stick with XTR you wont be disappointed
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by socratease

I'll put in a vote for the MT-8s. The modulation on them is killer. Much easier for me to execute threshold braking in technical sections than the Shimanos.

The XTR brakes feel like pretty much every other Shimano brake. Good power, nice lever feel, but a bit on/off. So far, stopping power of the 9000s doesn't seem quite as good as the 988s, but I haven't installed a set new, or worked extensively on them.

I actually preferred the lever feel of the MT8 versus the MT8 next, but power of the new caliper and lever stroke is definitely improved.

Also, I haven't seen a pair of shimano brakes that don't weep at the piston seals.

If you have a chance to ride a set of MT-8s, try it out. Reliability and ease of maintenance is on par with shimano. The lever shape and stroke is kind of a love it or hate it thing.

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by Ivan

I cannot compare MT8 vs XTR but against XT M785. I have both for a few years now. Both are very different brakes. XT's are easy to bleed, firm lever feel, short free stroke on the lever, very powerfull but I really hate the on/off feeling. MT8's are a bit harder to bleed correctly but once that is done, the lever feel and modulation is one of the best I've ever felt. The free stroke on the lever is kind of long with mine so this is a love or hate thing. Top power might be less than XT's but still enough for steep descents (Belgium Ardennes). MT8's are my favourite for the moment.
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by Jmdesignz2

Interesting - I have been hearing lately from some Shimano certfied mechanics that the XTR M9000 are pretty hard to get a consistent bleed on them...

Still waffling between the m900 and mt8...

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by geodandrew

Does anyone know what the caliper alone weights dry? I don't care about the lever weight only the caliper.

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by boots2000

I have used both and I like both. But if you have XTR 9000 on your bike, stick with those and call it good.

I think the 9000 race are the gold standard of brake performance.

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by SilentDrone

boots2000 wrote:I have used both and I like both. But if you have XTR 9000 on your bike, stick with those and call it good.

I think the 9000 race are the gold standard of brake performance.
I’ll second this. The xtr 9000 race has great modulation. It does away with the servo-wave feature found in xtr trail brakes, and xt level brakes. It’s the servo wave that gives Shimano that on-off bite.

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by Rich_W

I would rather stab myself in the eye with a dinner fork than own a pair a MT8s.

I had them and while they are light they are horrible in terms of modulation and leverage/ergonomics.

While you can't beat the performance of the XTRs... they are near flawless... but it you want something lightweight that also works, check out the Formula R1Rs. I love mine.

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by Ghost234

I've been on MT8's since 2015. I do mostly XC, but I have taken my bike out to whistler and various rocky mountain destinations for more enduro type riding. The MT8's are good, but not great. My biggest issue is the lever flex when braking. I'm constantly telling myself that I will switch to shimano's, but I just never got around to it. It just isn't worth the hassle to me.

For pure function, my favorite brakes have been XT8000.

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by spookyload

I rode the gen1 MT-8 brakes until 2015. They were recalled for a part in the lever allowing air to get in the system in cold weather. Once replaced they bled just fine. I ended up having to get rid of the brakes because the carbon lever lever broke where the hose threads in during a crash. Metal and carbon didn’t play nice.

I’m on M9000 brakes now. Simple instal. Simple bleed like all other ShimaNO brakes. Parts available at any shop you go to. Easy choice for me. Brake power and modulation are so similar, I can’t tell you any difference.

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by Briscoelab

M9000. Light enough, easy to bleed, just work.

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