stem: tune or extralite?

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by eurorider

centre of bottom bracket to top of seat tube ...and outside to outside i presume

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

now it is getting interresting. am I mistaken? I saw bikes measured on german ebay center bb to the top of the seat tube. I thought that they were wrong. I've learned that all measurements are center / center. so center bb to center top tube. When i measure my GT zaskar center center i end up with 46cm. That is 18 inch! and that is the size i bought. When i also measure my trainingbike center center, ist 49 cm. Thats 19 inch. Also the correct size!

And what except handlebars and seatposts do you measure outside outside?

Maybe I'm going to learn something new! :D
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by Cyco

Most seatposts are measured centre to end, some compact road frames are measured centre to space (are measured as thought they had a horizontal TT). Cannondale used to (still does?) measure centre to top of top tube :?
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by Cookie

If that is how you choose to interpret it, so it shall be.
I rest my case.


By the way, if you think all your reply can succeed to making me look stupid, well you failed.
Look around, i believed no-one, except your other nick is behaving in this childish acts.
Do continue to irritate me, it's only prove you are childish and foolish.
And guess what, I'm not pissed at all..Haahaa...
Nothing you say will have any effect to my physical being or torment my mental status. I'm healthy as I speak.
At least I speak in sane and sensible mood, unlike you.

Mod, do take extra note to this nick and 'crashman' and carry out necessary action to deter further harm to me and others. Thanks!

Stylomilo wrote:Oh dear Cookie, you mean you ride on road only that make you and your stem survived? :D sorry, i really dont get you. :?:

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by nikh

Cookie what are you going on about?

PM me if you have a problem.

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by Joel

Frankie - B wrote:
Joel wrote:
Frankie - B wrote:All bike measurements are center / center

No true: some frames c-t, road handlebars mostly o-o

:?: explain please c-t / o-o

Center to top: center of BB to top of seat tube (mostly on Italian frames, but they use it less and less)
Outside-outside: handlebars

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by sieglin

I have a few Ultrastems and the front plate does do not break IF you know how to tighten it properly --- I had one plate broken because my LBS did not know that hi-tech materials have a maximum torque. They were adjusting it like a 2 euro Chinese-made stem that typically weighs 200g! They also messed up my Extralite seat clamp that way.

Last year I helped them buy a Syntace torque wrench and since then there are no more problems.

I am very happy with the Extralite stems, because they flex vertically (i.e. the handlebar goes down left or right if you apply pressure), which is great during the actual riding, because of its shock-abosrbing powers --- now I don't need a front shock and my Steinbach fork and carbon Giant frame bring me all the way home (and in first place :P ).

But if the F99 is a lot cheaper, pretty light and gets more reliable ratings, then do go for that one (I am sticking to Extralite).

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by nikh

sieglin wrote:my Steinbach fork and carbon Giant frame bring me all the way home (and in first place :P )

I think I remember seeing your bike on light-bikes for a time but its gone now?

How do you like the Steinbach fork?

Do you have any photos?

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by Stylomilo

Talking about stem. i choose short stem for my riding style. It have better control than the longer stem. Uno Kalloy Ultralite that weight slightly 120g never fails me. :twisted:
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