My 15.3 LBS, 6.93 kg 26" hardtail 1X10

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by gbert

How's it ride? What do you use it for?

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by 02GF74

That's quite impressive.

You can get it lower still.

Chain can be 1soeex higher so if you have 10 speed cassette then x11sl will work.

Also skewer with Allen key fitting instead of q/r lever.

Al alloy bolt for gear sifter clamp.

Cables and hoses could be trimmed.

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by TheRookie

I think after 2 years the project has probably moved along a bit really, don't you?
Impoverished weight weenie wanna-be!
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by apctjb

Nice build?

What's the max tire size you can run with this frame?

What's the frame weight?


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by joshpeck

How well do the rotors perform?

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by marcocolo99

What size cassette are you running w/ that road derailleur? I have one of those Magura Durins on one of my bikes..... great fork!

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