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by Sidewalk

I'm running a 2.35/2.25 combo on Valor's. I run 21/25 PSI and weigh 145 pounds.

by Weenie

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Spessartpantani wrote:
Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:41 am

im thinking of the same tyresetup, but not sure about the rim. What do yout think? Will the arch ex with 21mm inner width from my original wheelset from the 2015er FSI be enough for an 2,35 Ardent race? Is it worth to change the rims to the wider Arch MK3 with 26mm inner width?

How many PSI do you drive normaly with the new setup?

Im loving the grip and traktion of an wider tyre with less pressure too.... :thumbup:

Thanks for comments.
I think 21mm internal width would be fine to run 2.35 Ardents on. Of course as I was building a new set of wheels so went for the wider (albeit slightly heavier option). I say give it a go and see what you think. I might try the 2.25 Ardent race just for a comparison later this year but for the time being Im loving this combo. I run 21psi front and 23psi rear and i weigh on average 140lb (63.5kg).

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by JeromeM

Hi All, I previously had a '16 FSi Carbon 2 then went to a' 17 Scalpel-Si Carbon 3 but sold it recently.

I missed having a Lefty so today I picked up a '16 FSI Black Inc in Medium. Went for a ride before buying and I liked it a lot so bought it.

Specs: ... 803fd54b3f

Upgrades: converted to 1x11 with a 32t front ring, XD freehub on the Chris King hub with an XX1 10-42 Casette, 4iiii power meter, upgraded steered tube and stem, upgraded Di2 battery/controller with Bluetooth, Racing Ralph's in 2.1".

I'm a fat a$$ so I may convert back to 2x11 using single shifter but that would add a bit of weight back.

Weighed it with my super "accurate" fish scale at 19lbs 13oz with my pedals but no bottle cage. I thought it would be a bit leaner but I guess it's not that bad. Not sure what more I could do.
'16 Cannondale FSI Black Inc

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by ghd

Hello, does anyone know or have a picture of the weight of the FSI standard frame?
Not the Hi-Mod or the new 2019 model...


PS: I searched but only found about the Hi-Mod version.

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by spartacus

Would a 2016 f-si carbon 2 be a good buy for 1800? Seems in very good shape, I need an all around mountain bike for general purpose trail riding and this would be at the top of my budget, but possibly the most bike for the money? Would it be long term reliable and serviceable?

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by Rideit

Hi folks,

Need some help with a F-Si build.

I have a Next Sl crankset with a BSA 68/73mm spindle. Is it possible to convert it to BB30 to fit the F-Si?


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by LeDuke

Rideit wrote:Hi folks,

Need some help with a F-Si build.

I have a Next Sl crankset with a BSA 68/73mm spindle. Is it possible to convert it to BB30 to fit the F-Si?

There is no such thing as a “BSA 68/73mm spindle” for the Next SL.

A standard 30mm spindle, which they identify as 68/73mm? Yes. It uses the same axle size/pattern as the Hollowgram cranks, and the spindle is completely compatible with them. I’m using one on my PF30 frame with Hollowgrams right now.

You *might* be using a BSA30 style BB, but we have no clue what frame you currently have. How about some more information, or pictures?

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by Rideit

Sorry, I'll try to be clearer.

I have the Next SL crankset 168 Q-Factor bolted on an Orange Five, non boost, with a 73mm BB. I need to transfer it to a 2018 FSI, which is BB30 but has a 83mm BB, as far as I know.

The spindle diameter is the same (30mm), but what about the length? Do I need a new one/spacers?


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by grover

You need 5mm less spacers on each side to install the crank.

You need to somehow increase the chainline by 6mm. Can you flip the orientation of the chainring so it slants out instead of in? (This is what Pivot are doing for their bikes with 'SuperBoost' hub with wider chainline)

Your other option is to use the same amount of spacers on the driveside. But 10mm less spacers on the non-driveside. That will have your cranks installed with the correct chainline. But the cranks won't be centred in the frame. Your left leg will be 5mm closer to the mid line of the bike, your right leg 5mm away from the midline of the bike.

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by Rideit

Humm.. the bike arrives next wednesday.

I don't have any spacer to remove, other than the Race Face lockring..

I was trying to order the extra parts ahead, but I see I have to wait for the bike and try.

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