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by michel2

after feelling i lost all manhood because i can't fit tires on my own bike any more i figured it was time to go to the shed and get it all sorted. im sure most of you here run into the same frustration fitting floppy tyres, they rarly seat the first time. sure you can buy a compressor, but i couldn't justify spending money on a proper compressor, i don't like the noise and you can't really travel with one either, i don't want a 4wd compressor either mucking around with the car battery and soon all sounds to complicated, its a bicycles tire not a space craft lol.
i got a good track pump so i only need the tank that can store a bit of volume and pressure.
so i made a tank, i thought about buying a wett tank ( smallest air tank on a truck) but they are not all that side features the "input" it has a normal valve like you would one your bike on the other side a valve so you can keep the tank closed, build up pressure or when you have the pressure the tank, open it and let it seat that tire.simple as that think of it as a high volume low pressure re-ussable air cartridge (1600 gram (-: )

so here we have it, it simple sturdy and it will work everywhere you take your bike and pump, no noise, no mucking around with air cartridges.

i did my homework, the folks at specialist say they have a pump that will sort this issue bontrager say's they toke two years to develop there pump and sks has the twentyninner pump, but for all the mulla in the world none of them are stocked in perth or online available (well not by the well uk fella's)
i spend about a hour and a half in the shed and 65 dollars worth of material and my frustrations are gone so i figured i would share this here on the forum, so you can make you own and spend less time screaming at your tires !(-:

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by aaric

whoops, wrong post

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by Jaker

Be very careful around your new air tank. Too much pressure could burst it and cause bodily harm.

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by michel2

The input valve is glued on, a bitt like the regulator on say argon gas tanks, with saying that even was silly enough to keep pumping till the pump reached the end of its capability's i dont think the box would fall apart at 130 pis, how ever depending on of the tire 45 psi is enough.
But your right be careful with pressure 'vessels'

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by Zoose

Similar idea to the new Bontrager TLR Flash Charger pump. This probably cost less though.

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by DanW

I don't know what others feel but I am really against trying to smash the tyre on to get it seated. Sure it is convenient but I much prefer to seat a tyre (overnight sometimes) with a tube installed to ease it on and also let the tyre settle for a few hours to get some shape. After that the tyre should seat easily with any old foot or hand pump. Forcing it on with a compressor of any sort could damage the bead, the tyre might just blow off the rim rather than seat (hearing of friends putting fluid in the tyre and giving the kitchen a new coat of Stans fluid when it blows off is quite funny) and it also doesn't seem as easy to seat with a hand pump when out on the trails should you then get a puncture in the near future. Just my opinion for better long term tubeless performance :D

No more tubeless blues for me is seat the tyre with a tube first then you won't have any worries either at home or on the trails. If you can't seat the tyre with a tube then something is wrong and usually it just needs unseating and starting again rather than trying to smash it on

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