Eggbeater Ti spring compatibility.

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by B R H

I've got some old (2006?) Eggbeater Ti pedals that need new springs. I pull out of the pedals without twisting even with new cleats. I haven't been able to find replacement OEM or aftermarket springs online anywhere but my understanding is all the springs for these older models were the same - steel, just colored differently (mine are red). I can get older (but new) pedals easily enough on eBay to steal springs from, but I'm curious if the springs from the newer pedals are compatible or if there are any aftermarket springs currently available. I'm also interested in any hints/tips for replacing the springs.

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by Jaker

Have you tried Crank Brothers? They have a "PEDAL SPA" and in the past I've had pedals repaired for free or for very very little money.

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by B R H

I'm not aware of any Pedal Spa events going on near me - that would be awesome. I have contacted them about service but still haven't received a reply.

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As far as the pedals releasing easily, it could be that the wings themselves have worn excessively as well. I guess if you get replacement springs and that doesn't solve the problem then you know what to do.
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by devinci

Can we get replacement springs for the newer egg beater 3 model as well?

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by B R H

So apparently this Pedal Spa thing is now what Crank Brothers calls their repair service:

"During our service, or "Spa" as we like to call it, we will machine clean your pedals while they are disassembled. Your pedals will then be rebuilt with all fresh seals, o-rings, bushings, bearings, nuts, end caps, springs and grease. The Spa service is $30 for one set of pedals.

You also have the option to trade in your pedals. If it interests you, we offer upgrade pricing on brand new pedals when you trade in your old ones. Use the chart below for details on pricing.

Eggbeater 2 - $45
Eggbeater 3 - $60
Eggbeater 11 - $212.50
You may also want to consider an upgrade to our Candy and Mallet line.

Candy/Malet 2 - $45
Candy/Mallet 3 - $60

Mallet DH - $70
Candy 11 - $187.50

Shipping and Handling: $9 lower 48 and $15 international and Hawaii/Alaska

If you would like to take advantage of our rebuild service, please call our office at 949-464-9916, Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 4:30pm Pacific Time and we will take care of you!"

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by gfeldy

Just a note. All the springs are the same (except for the Mallet: they are stiffer). So basically you can use any set of springs during your repair.
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by B R H

Good to know, thanks.

I sent them to Crank Brothers for the "Spa Service." New springs, bearings, seals, caps, etc. Nice & clean. Did not replace the fairly worn bodies (titanium, didn't think they would). Also, the original springs were red, which matched the accents on my bike, but the new ones are plain silver. A little bummed about that. They did include a new pair of cleats too. Seems worth the cost to me. Do wish I could have the red springs again though.

I haven't had time to install & test them yet but will soon. Hopefully the new spring solves the inadvertent unclipping.

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