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by Kevin3182


First can the ripley be raced as an effective XC bike?
Second, can you run a 100mm travel fork rather than the 120?

Also compared with the santacruz tallboy c 2, which would you go with for a all day trail bike that can race XC really well?
I understand neither of these are true XC bikes but thats fine, 90% of my riding is just ripping around on trails.


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by zulu695

I suggest you look at the ibis section in the MTBR forum, a better chance of finding your answer there. I personnaly think that yes a Ripley could be raced XC if the race course is not too flat, but Iwould keep a 120 fork with the good rake, Ibis posted a list of compatible fork if I remember correctly.

If money was there I would gladly replace my Mojo by a Ripley....

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by boots2000

Keep the fork- you can still make it a capable race bike with the right components and wheels.
I have a Santa Cruz 5010 with 130mm of travel- built weight weenie.
I would not hesitate to race it.
An Epic might only be 200 grams lighter than my bike.

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