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by SamFinkelstein

We have just bought two great bikes - Specialized Stumper HT Comp Carbon 2014 for our son and a Epic Marathon 2014 for me. To upgrade them we bought two carbon saddles from Specialized. The standard clamp on the seat post is for 7 x 7 mm, but the carbon saddle has 7 x 9 mm and therefore needs a different version of clamp. The standard clamp is 51 grams.

We bought the bikes in a Concept Store and they can simply not figure it out - after three weeks they came up with a clamp - that do not fit and is heavier than the old one :evil:

We have not spend Euro 170,00 to save 80 grams and the attach them with heavier clamps

Please help

Jens and Soeren

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by Oswald

I would visit another store to see if they have another clamp. If they don't, then buy another brand seatpost.
But, in all honesty, you will not feel the difference in weight. So you might as well get a refund for the saddles and be done with it.

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Mads Kock
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by Mads Kock

Usally it's possible to change between clamps for alu/ti/steel rails or carbon - looking at speciazlieds website it doesn't seems like it's possible to get a clamp for carbon rails. It's strange that the concept store didn't tell you this but they could have been busy looking for other brands to sue? ;-)

Get another post which can handle carbon rails.

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by 02GF74

as you have figured out, the carbon seat rails are 2 mm taller. you cannot use a seatpost that has side-to side clamps without channging the clamps - some posts offer that e.g. Use SAVE seat post (found on cannondales). The clamp for the carbon rails is bigger and heavier.

those that clamp top-bottom e.g Easton EC90 and Ritchey WCS are ok as the slot is the same width as the rail.

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