650b wheelsets for cannondale lefty - from bikestacja.pl

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by fivethirtyonepm

i've just taken delivery of my new 2012 carbon scalpel and having done some research, i see that 650b wheels will fit nicely (with a 2.10" thunder burt or similar out back).

i've been hunting around the net for wheelset options (i'm in europe) and the choices are very limited unless you pay big bucks.

i stumbled across a polish bike shop called Bikestacja who offer lots of custom wheelsets via their ebay and main websites. they too offer very expensive lefty wheelset options, but i spotted they had a regular 650b wheelset with crest rims, novatec hubs and cn aero spokes (approx 1,480g wheelset).

i emailed Bikestacja to see if they would substitute the front Novatec hub for a Soul Kozak hub and switch the colour of the rear hub to black (expecting the usual response that they are special 'pre-manufactured wheels with no adjustment options). they came back very quickly confirming that they could and also confirming a price of Euro 355 plus postage for the pair (the price was uplifted by the basic difference in cost between the two hubs via their website).

i'm pretty impressed with this as i can't get anywhere close for similar cash.

i'll post up the true weights when they arrive. they should be lighter than the standard DT Swiss jobbies that came with the bike.

has anyone else dealt with them before?


by Weenie

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by Rappid

I didn't buy anything from them but I have read a lot o of reviews from customers.
Basically, it's a lottery. You can get your package straight away in few days or you will be waiting few weeks.
They can send wrong goods or your wheelset needs spoke adjustment.
Customer service sucks. Maybe you will be well treated as a abroad customer.
You should pay more and buy here: r2-bike.com. second season and still no adjustment needed. Germans accuracy.
Second option is, buy high volume tire for 26" (like maxxis ikon 2.2) and you will be grand, as I did :)
Let me know how did you go.


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by quattrings

Sorry to burst your bubble but r2 bikecustomer service isn't infallible either.

I myself and someone else I know ordered custom wheelsets (when they were offering discounts for all wheels) and both didn't come as specified.
First of the wheels took longer to arrive as initially planned but they also delivered with wrong colour spokes, rear hub and lockring for my extralite hyperlefty.

We were told it wouldn't be warrantied either, solutions were offered but nothing to my satisfaction. So there's what you get for paying top dollar :thumbup:
Also had to true them several times and another wheelset I've built with same rear hub and same rims still has not been out of true.

btw I'm running 650b on my 2010 Flash F1 and it takes anything up to a racing ralph 2.25.

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by Kristofferson

Did you ever receive the wheels?

Bikestacja's website looks promising. Their information likewise.

But when I placed an order with Bikestacja 9 days ago, and paid over 300 euros, they emailed saying one of the hubs was not available. They offered alternatives hubs, which would not fit (142 rear instead of 135). No information on when the unavailable hub might be available. I repeated the size I needed, and asked about availability dates. 2 days later, still no reply, I asked again. 2 days later they replied: 2 months. Would I like to cancel? I replied: what about completing part of the order, and I'd buy the missing hub elsewhere. Over 3 subsequent days I emailed 3 times. No reply. Meanwhile they sit on my 300 euros. In between, I have phoned them 3 times, but the person who knows the answers is out. Still waiting.

Update same day: just received an apology email saying they'll be back to me tomorrow.

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by aspms

I can recommend actionsports.de for great prices on some custom wheelsets. Not so much choice options as r2, but prices are better. I have bought 2 customs wheelsets (240s/cx rays/crest 29) from them no problems at all- wheelsets built in 4-5days and quick shipping via DPD to your door.
Here's direct link to wheels: http://www.actionsports.de/en/wheels/custom-wheels/

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