My first 20LB bike.

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by machine4321

Hi, been reading the forums for a while now, but had nothing to post about.

I am really happy to get the final weight on this bike. It never intended to be a WW project but as the weight started to come off, I noticed how much better the bike felt.

I had a 12 alloy flash 29er that weight about 25lbs in stock form. As parts wore out I tried to replace with lighter parts.

I am on a super budget so there is no high end carbon parts on this bike. In fact there is no carbon on the bike except for the frame(more on that).

MY alloy flash evolution went as follows:
kmc x10-sl chain (cause I like the gold) 40ish shipped from ebay
ritchey foam grips from CRC for 10 (bought to get free shipping so they were a wash)
specialized phenome saddle 150 w/tax.
bought 2 snake skin Racing Ralphs and they didnt help weight at all.

Bought an x9 crank from Jenson for 89.00us and grabbed a wolf tooth DM 30t ring and droppped over a pound and a half(1.6lb) over the low end 3x10 sram crank. Once that mode was done the weight loss was instantly noticed.

next I picked up some used I9 hubs on crest rims for 600.00 (1545g with tape and stems) they also included new 1.95 S works renegades at 500G each

That is the only weight savings I did on that frame.
The rest of the build is very moderate.
alloy lefty PBR
x9 RD
xt cassette
X7 shifter
elixer 3 brakes
avids hs1 rotors 185/160
stock alloy seat post (277g)
stock alloy riser bar
xt pedals
oem seatpost clamp
oem skewer
non OPI stem
standard cables and housings.

I weight the bike at home on the bathroom scale and got 21.5. I though this was a farce as there was no way it could be that light.
The alloy frame broke and was replaced with a new 2012 flash 1 HiMod and weight at the bike shop and came in at 20.07lbs. I was very surprised and happy to hit that mark with out much trying.
Im hoping to keep a budget theme going with the seatpost/bars ect. I dont have alot of money to throw at parts like I want to.

I weight the bike at home to compare and my scale is .4lbs higher then the park scale at the shop, so the carbon frame saved about a pound, maybe a bit more.
since it was weighed I have some xt brakes coming (probably no weight loss to the avids) and some kcnc 160/140 for rotors.

Haven't got any good pictures of it yet as its very dirty and my hose is still frozen to the ground!


Thanks for looking.

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by Benno

Hey welcome to Weight Weenies! That's an awesome first weenie bike you have there. I like the parts spec you've chosen, you'll be able to get tons of miles out of it. Smart choice going to the XT brakes, pretty much a perfect build once you get those Avid's outta there.
Look forward to seeing more pics and updates.
Light. Strong. Cheap. Pick one.

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by AdyM

Really nice, quite jealous you managed to get it so light so cheaply! Definitely swap the seat post and handlebar for something more exotic, easy to get light on those parts without breaking the bank.

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by CulBaire

Fantastic build! I love the Cannondale hardtails!

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by machine4321

Thanks! Hoping for some more carbon soon. Bike performs much better then the alloy did.

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