FRM and Shift Up chain guides

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by Getter

Anyone know where the best prices are for them...or are they even available in the US?

I'm looking to find a minimal chain guide for a 30T. I need a E-Type or S3 version. I was going to get the e*thirteen one...but that only goes as small as a 33T. I am looking into these two because I can't seem to find one that goes as small as a 30T.

I currently run a Bionicon dangler with a 30T narrow/wide ring...but the Bionicon throws the chain in the 11T. I think the chain stays on better without it. :noidea:

Thanks! :beerchug:

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by krzysiekmz

Jose from Royal Bicycles may help out. Not in US but his shipping prices are reasonable.

Otherwise or

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by jooo

What crank/ring are you running?

I've heard that a MRP S3 guide can work with rings smaller than 32t if the crank spider doesn't get in the way. Looking a picture, it seems as if the mounting slot is quite a bit lower than a number of other brands.

edit: This may have been what I was thinking of -
azpoolguy from MTBR wrote:With the XX1 crank I was able to get the chain guide lower then with my old XT cranks. If you run a spiderless crank you should be able to run a 30 tooth ring and possibly the 28. I was able to bottom the chain guide out agains the top of the chain and there is still about an 3/16" of space in the aluminum mounting arm that the guide could slide down father.

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by Getter

I'm running a SLX triple.

I'm actually thinking of removing that Bionicon tensioner and run no tensioner. I also have a Kona Operator that is also running the same RF 30T...but without a tensioner. Ran the same 10.3km downhill trail and no dropped chain.

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