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by seismic

Hi All,

I am in the situation that my old Cannondale Flash Hi-Mod is getting worn out and I am looking for a replacement. Ideally, I would like a High-End, High Quality and very light MTB XC race frame. I am flexible in regards to materials, but imagine carbon. I have been riding 26" until now and I am most happy continue doing so. However, being aware of the current trends, I am open towards 27,5" and 29" as well. I am 185 cm tall.

My main requirements are as follows:

- Very light (at least as light as my current Cannondale. <1000 grams)
- XC race hardtail geometry.
- Boutique/High-End (I like something that is not the most common and is still top quality)

I have been considering a Open Cycles frame, but have heard that they are very soft due to the carbon structure used. The price of the new frame is not of concern and I am willing to shell out for the right frame :D

I hope for some good ideas as it is long time I since I bought a new frame and not quite sure I have a good overview of the market and available frames.

Thank you

by Weenie

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by L3X

Well there aren't that many frames < 1000g to begin with... only Scott & Open are guaranteed to be below as far as I know. Maybe the Trek HT is too. Anyway Scott and Trek aren't really boutique (and pretty common) so I'd try the Open to start with.

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by grover

Rocky Mountain Vertex is worth a look.

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by Jaroslaw

Rebel 9 is quite nice. ... bel%20Nine
The frame is said to sit @1150g, though I managed to build a reasonably light (10.3kg) bike with it without resorting to many oh-so-superlight parts.


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by brassmonkey


This one is a bit left field but hey I think its a great brand, the Isaac Baryon, come in 650b or 29, the web site doesnt have weights but I have the older version the Impact and I have a sub 10kg bike on a very limited budget.

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by seismic

Hi Guys,

Thank you for the advice. My challenge is that I am currently riding a 7,1 kilo bike and looking at getting lighter.......

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by boots2000

Norco is not exactly boutique but their new 650b carbon hardtail looks nice- light too.
I am sure that it would make for a light bike.
And you don't see them all over the place- so a little unique.

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by the_marsbar

Why not another Cannondale? An F29 Team for instance.

You have problems getting it under 7 I think though, unless you lay down a serious pile of cash :?

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by drider85

What could be more boutique then custom carbon. I am unsure of the exact weights but Appleman, Crumpton, and Kirklee all would make frames that would accept lefty and could be fairly light.

Crumpton does make very light road and maybe willing to make superlight mountain.

Appleman's inlay's and workmanship is art.

Anybody that works with Fairwheel on there projects might have the right WW ideals.

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by seismic

That is awesome. Just what I was looking for.

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by DanW

Not sure how important "boutique" is but these 1080g, 650B frames may be worth a look? A few of the very quick XC/ Marathon guys in the UK have been racing them throughout the Winter and seem very happy with them (29er versions)

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by Varaxis

Reconsider Open?

Or maybe check out the Swift Detritovore or the BH Ultimate? These aren't weight weenie (~1200g range), but if you can put value to trade a bit of extra weight for ride feel and build construction quality, these might entice ya. Seriously, Open's the only one I can think of that can please such high standards.

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by devinci

appleman, if you can afford it. Sick frames

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by cerro

grover wrote:Rocky Mountain Vertex is worth a look.

+1 on that, really nice frame.
/jonas l (my cyclingblog)

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by AdyM

Currently using the giant xtc 27.5 frame, it's lovely! Not sure of the weight though, but rides so so nicely.

by Weenie

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