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by Getter

Isn't Kulhavy using the RS-1 this weekend?

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by scott_racer

Getter wrote:Isn't Kulhavy using the RS-1 this weekend?

Nope, he used a SID in the race. RS-1 was on his spare bike - same story at Meribel.

Hermida has been using the RS-1 for the last half of the season though.
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by jooo

From Extralite's facebook:

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by Grannen

Its nice to see more manufacturers doing PS hubs. I've heard rumors that American Classic might join the party. I have one theese forks on order and wheels are an issue.
Dt 240 ps hub is claimed 175g.
Sram ps hub 160g.
Anyone know if any ww ta available yet?

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by jooo

Extralite's FB page says, 'Can we go down to 99g?' I wonder how close they'll get?

Unless there is a last minute change of mind, I'd say AM are going to join in. The prototypes they've shown look pretty close to finished. IMO it seems a bit pointless when at this stage it weighs a lot more than SRAM's hub and is likely to cost just as much:

Just thinking out loud here, I think RockShox could have made some better decisions on the standard for this hub and the Bluto 150x15 hub. As both of these forks created new hub standards, why not make them exactly the same? Or just have some sort of swappable, tool free end cap with a common shell, bearing and axle arrangement. I'd imagine the market for a niche XC fork like RS-1 is pretty small compared to the Bluto, so by making the standard the same for both forks, you'd encourage more manufacturers to get involved with a compatible product.

I wouldn't be surprised if the RS-1 is just a halo product though and SRAM don't really care how well it takes off. :noidea:

I know some people wouldn't like a slight weight gain, but let's face it, there are already better options than the RS-1 for ultra light builds. The weight increase by going wider wouldn't be much and you'd end up with massively stiff, symmetrical wheels thanks to super wide flange spacing you get with 150mm hubs. Keep in mind one of the widest road hubs is the Alchemy ELF at close to 80mm C2C, the Tune Bluto hub is huge, even compared to that:

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by UpFromOne

anyone know if these PS hubs could be used on a regular rigid fork having 110 spacing & 15mm thru-axle?

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