How to clean latex sealant from removable valves?

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by adama696b

Not really ww related but I cant find a way of cleaning latex sealant remains from valve cores.

Is there a alternative to just buy new valve cores?


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by FIJIGabe

I just use dish soap and water.
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by Weenie

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by cws196

Soak the valve in petrol - works for me!

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by the_marsbar

adama696b wrote:Not really ww related

I guess technically it is. I wonder how many (milli)grams your bike will be lighter (plus it's rotational weight) :)

On-topic: I need to do the same with a couple of valves I have lying around.

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by ms6073

Weight savings aside, based on my experience with Caffélatex and FMB cyclocross tubulars, cleaning off the sealant from the valve core made a significant difference in ease of inflation of the tires. I typically used my Stans valve core removal tool then used my fingers or shop knife to remove the accumulation but you can also clean or soak the core in Goof Off adhesive remover.
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by AdyM

I generally find soaking in bowl of hot water with a dish washer tablet in will get anything clean, also great to soak your chain in overnight, all the dirt comes off so easily the next morning!

by Weenie

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by project3

i dip it with diesel

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