2014 Scalpel 140mm rear rotor adapter

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by WheelTester

I see 140mm adapters on several Cannondale team bikes but I can not find a place to buy the adapter. Has anyone seen one for sale?

I am looking for one of these - http://www.cyclingnews.com/features/pho ... 9er/262408


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by Colin

What's the purpose of running a 140mm rotor if you have to use an adapter like that? It can't be for weight savings, as that adapter surely adds more than a 140mm saves. I'm not trying to be an ass, just trying to understand why you would want to limit your braking power for what appears (to me) to have no benefits.

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by WheelTester

The 140 mount/adapter is actually smaller than the stock 160 mount. You save weight in both the 140 mount and rotor. Clearance is also an issue for some.

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by jooo

@Colin - Cannondale use their own brake mount standard on a number of bikes so as WheelTester said, the Scalpel still needs an adapter to mount a 160mm rotor. This picture shows the stock 160mm part:

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by Colin

Ah, okay! Thanks for educating me on that one! :thumbup:

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by LeDuke

If you're going to run a 140mm rear rotor, you don't need a full suspension bike.

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by TheRookie

Rather a sweeping statement, disc size is based on worst case usage, you may want a full susser for longer XC events as it reduces fatigue, yet not be descending steep enough hills to need a 160mm disc.
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by DanW

Depends on too many things to make sweeping statements. Using Shimano XTR 985's with 140mm Hope X2 race discs works out lighter and more powerful in my experience than Formula R1's/ Hope X2/ etc with the larger rotor and adapter required to get the same overall power and control for example. You have to look at things as a system not in isolation

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by eliflap-scalpel

no news ?

still not available ?

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