Cannondale carbon flash 3 - 2013

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by RobThacks

Just purchased a stock flash carbon 3 and need some advice on making it lighter please...

I've upgraded the slx shifters to x9 and front and rear mech to x9 and also added ritchey wcs carbon bars and seatpost. I'm using xtr pedals.

Don't get me wrong, it is light, but still around 10.4 kgs compared to the pro's who are less that 8kgs.

It has tubes in but is tubeless compatible? how much will this save me?

Looking for least cost with most impact please!


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by AdyM

Firstly, WHHHYYYY? Why are you swapping shimano for sram. But that's just personal preference :P

Secondly, a tube is around 150g and for tubeless you'll need around 80ml sealant so you can save about 100-150g assuming your rims and tyres are tubeless ready. But switching to tubeless has many other benefits such as puncture resistance and ride quality at lower tyre pressures.

A massive weight save is a 1x10 setup with a narrow wide chain ring, but it's not always a viable option depending how diverse your riding is.

ESI grips or foam grips, my ESI racer grips were 44g w/o plugs, which saved me 60g over the stock grips for very little money.
A fair chunk of weight can be saved in the saddle depending on what you have currently.
Lastly, disc brake rotors can be an area to save weight, around 50g per rotor in the most extreme cases.

Hope this helps! :)

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by TheRookie

My KCNC foam grips are sub 20g, just over with end plugs, not to everyones taste though

KCNC/Ashima/Alligators rotors are all around 70g each compared to a typical 160mm disc at 125-150g, although I use an A2Z Tepan Yaki floating at the front (89g) as some of my riding really needs the increased disc weight.

What saddle? Most Ti railed are down around 200-220g while a Cro-mo is at about 300g, full untrimmed carbon is about 100g.

According to the spec list it comes with a 1030 cassette which is far from the lightest option.

1x10 will save you about 300g assuming it's possible for your riding.

Lots of scope in the wheels for losing weight, probably about 200-300g for a 'better' set or upto 1/5Kg if you are prepared to spend out.

If the front disc is 180mm (as it appears to be in the photo in the link below) consider a drop to 160mm for a lighter disc and shorter bolts and losing the adaptor. ... -Bike.aspx
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by the_marsbar

Here is what I did to my F29: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=112417

Going from 180/160 (Avid HS1) to 160/140 (Avid HS1) discs saved me 102 grams.

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