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by miceden

Am currently building up a new trail/all mountain bike (Titus FTM Carbon) and am looking for a set of travel adjustable forks. My requirements are: - 26er, tapered steerer, 15mm axle & 140mm needs to be somewhere in the travel range

The main suspects are Revelations, Pikes, Talas or DT's XMM twinshots... any others that I'm missing or that you would recommend, or which of these would you go for?

Ideally weight as low as possible but performance is more a key factor. The 15mm axle is negotiable as I've not decided on a wheelset but I don't particulary want 9mm/qr. Shock at the back is a Rockshox Monarch RT3 which I could easily be persuaded to swop out.

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by AdyM

Definitely go for 15mm, pretty much any new wheel set for trail/AM will be 15mm compatible.
I've used Rev's before and they were pretty good, I know Pike's get mad reviews but I imagine they would be heavier.

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by Nicholas68

The new tallas forks I have heard are good. They use to have the resistance of 3 sets of bushings to trave through making them not perform well. But for 2014 there is some new hydraulic system in there. So there is only one bushing same as floats. Making them an excellent fork. Having said that this is only what I've read. No personal experience.

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by Ramjm_2000

X Fusion DLAs have been my favorite. Much more plush than a Talas. I love my Sweep.

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