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by mattjevans

Can I put together a 1x11 di2 system with just the following parts? (obviously excluding cranks, chain, cassette, etc - just concerned with the bits that aren't common between mechanical and di2)
XTR di2 Rear mech
XTR di2 RH shifter
EITHER di2 EW90 junction A box OR XTR System Display (which I gather also acts a junction A)
Battery (to go into steerer)
3 appropriate length SD50 wires

ie mech, shifter and battery all plugged into a single Junction A box.

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by portiabaines

I have a similar setup with the XTR system display. Sounds like you'd need a very long rear mech SD50 cable. My MTB setup has the SM-JC41 4 way junction box in the bottom bracket with the battery in the seatpost.

Make sure all that items, including the battery are all running the correct firmware otherwise it won't work and acts like it's faulty

Portia Baines

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by mattjevans

Thanks, that's really helpful. Do you have link to your bike? Would love to see it

You can get SD50's up to 1.4m long, so no problem there

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by Benno

Why not get the BB junction box? Makes it easier to install and service. *nevermind I see you are putting the battery in the stem.
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by alfredox5

Mine is almost done, just waiting on brakes and seatpost. I had some help from portiabaines regarding setup - my battery will be mounted inside the seatpost as well since I can not mount inside the steerer tube. Cockpit is Pro Tharsis XC with a 1400mm length e-tube wire being the longest.

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