My Marin Team Titanium - Help required to save weight?

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by neilyoung123

Hello everyone - I am new to the forum and have always been a weight weenie ! I finally managed to build my dream bike My Marin Team Titanium 2009. There is only 73 frames in the world and this is number 63.. Anyway the build is currently as follows:

Marin Team Titanium Frame
Rock shox sid world cup xx 2012
Full Shimano XTR M980 Double groupset
Stans No tubes ZTR Podium wheelset on DT Swiss 240 hubs
Xpedo M Force 8 TI pedals
Racing Ralphs Evo 2.1 set up tubeless
Hope Race X2 brakes 160 front 140 rear
FSA Force 0S99 stem
FSA K Force Nano Bars 600m?
Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost
Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio flow Saddle
Chris King Headset
ESI Racers edge grips

I think that is everything ! Anyway she is coming in at 8.9kilo 19.62 pounds

I appreciate this is fairly light but ideally would like to get it down below 8.5kg - So I was thinking of changing the following;

- Rocket rons? Slightly lighter than the ralphs?
-I Guess XX1 maybe ? as you would lose one shifter and a front mech so would save 250 gram?? Maybe more..

Any other suggestions guys? without going silly for example AX lightness wheels ? Shmolke bars etc..


by Weenie


by Colin

Switch to a Race Face Next SL crankset and save around 100g.
Throw in a Shiftup cartridge and shave another ~120g.
KCNC Ti Cassette would save around 100g.

Other than that, the only things I can think of would be to swap to a Schmolke bar/post with an Extralite stem. Extralite hubs would shave a tad. If you're really set on hitting 8.5kg, I'd go to a 1x10 or 1x11.

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by TheRookie

1x10 will save you about 250-300g depending on a few details, only you know if that will work for you.

Gripshifts will save you about 100g, the 10 speed ones are about 100g the pair from memory.

I guess the obvious is that a carbon frame will save you pushing 0.5Kg, depending on the weight of that Ti.

My Ron's are just 15g lighter than my Ralphs, better to select tyres for usage (grip/rolling resistance) than weight with that little saving!
Impoverished weight weenie wanna-be!
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by neilyoung123

Thanks for all your replies guys - really appreciate it..

I am tempted by the Race Face Next SL crank and a nice KCNC 11 - 36 Ti cassette and loosing the front mech and shifter.. that is going to save me around 400 gram so will get me to the target of 8.5kg. !

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by bm0p700f

400g will not make much difference to how fast you can ride though. Still sound like a nice bike.

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by wickedwheels

Definitely tires. Play around with the treads and figure out the lowest profile knobs you can get away with.

You're right about the 1x11.

The only thing is... when are you willing to give up performance for weight? And what is "light enough".

by Weenie

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