Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by DanW

The Race X2's are powerful enough if you are a light rider... but they struggled to stop me at 180lbs.

This is my experience too.

Having tried to get on with Formula R1's but being constantly frustrated by how unreliable/ finicky to set up they were I am now very happy with XTR. If I were to replace them then it would be with the XTRs due out soon to save a few more g's but hopefully keep the power, reliability and feel.

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by bm0p700f

I try not to lock the front wheel it rarely end well. My old Hope mono mini's still going strong after 8 years weight 300g per end that's lever, caliper and hose with all fittings. Not light but hardly so heavy that it is a problem. That is an 8 year old brake set as well and not there top model at the time. Hope brake just work, so do Shimano but Hope make spares and keep making them. I got a lever clamp for mine on lifetime warranty last year would I be able to get for a shimano brake 7-8 years on I don't think so.

Still XT or XTR brakes are excellent though and worth the extra weight over other systems.

by Weenie

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