XTR M980 Shifters

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by Gregorio

I am thinking of upgrading my shifters to the XTR M980.
My main issue is it takes too long to shift from one end of the cog to the other. when my hands are cold and tired, it gets to be a problem shifting the stock slx.

Will the XTR jump 3 or 4 gears per throw of the shifter?

What about XT does anyone know ho they compare?

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by miceden

Yes, the M980's do have a multi release so you can dump more than one gear at a time but not sure how many it can dump.... The XT shifter can do the same, the main difference is weight and price.

If you want to dump/jump a lot of gears quickly though nothing beats sram's grip shift.... but you'd have to change your mechs to use it.

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by the_marsbar

The (righthand) XTR m980 shifter will let you go up to 4 gears down (up the cassette), or 2 gears up (down the cassette) per throw.

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