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by madsry

So I'm helping a friend build up a 5" travel 26" bike and I'm wondering if he could get away with Crossmax SL's. He weighs about 160 and wants a set of lighter weight wheels. I am a pretty mild rider and have been using the SL's with no issue, but he is a little more assertive although weighs close to 20lbs less.

Any thoughts??

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by Kastrup

I have heard very good things about Mavics' offroad offering as far as durability goes! Hubs are decent but rims and spokes are near bulletproof! It will be costly should you break a spoke of two.
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by DanW

Mavic have a great reputation for durability although spares and repairs tend to be costly if something were to go wrong. Has you friend looked at building up a wheelset around some Stans rims? Crests on American Classic hubs would be of similar robustness but lighter and cheaper. You could probably build with one of the even more durable Stans rims and be of similar overall weight but I'm sure others can volunteer more info on this...

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