Enve Riser bar or Eason Haven carbon?

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by boots2000

I am thinking about some wider bars for my mtb.
I have narrowed my choices to the Enve riser bar or Easton Haven Carbon bars.
They are close to same weight and shape.
What bar is better and why?

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by devinci

I would go ENVE. The construction is of a very high quality, it is thick and looks very durable. I prefer ENVE over a bigger brand like easton, anytime.

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by Dilberto88

Enve is no stiffer than Easton, just much more expensive. They are BOTH great bars. I tried them all...

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by wickedwheels

Definitely Enve. Easton is okay. Decent quality. The company isn't great to deal with, though. Enve guys are very easy to work with.

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by LeviR

Easton EC90 surely is lighter by a couple of grams. Enve maybe heavier but has that bling factor. You cannot go wrong with either one. Buy both. :thumbup:

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by Varaxis

I put 1000s of miles on both the Haven Carbon bar and Enve DH bar (cut to 740mm). I can't really complain about the Havens, other than they're only 711mm, don't have the friction tape on the center bit, and torqueing things onto the bar is a bit tricky since it compresses at about 4nm. I prefer the Enve bar. I don't think it's stiffer; it just feels more comfortable. The Enve is the one I put on my main ride. I like it so much that would go through the trouble of transferring it to a new bike if I plan to ride it more.

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by bombertodd

Anyone know if they Enve bars are made in America like their rims or in China like their stems?

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