Inexpensive 29er frames?

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by MileHighMark

Any recommendations for inexpensive 29er frames. Something that will take a 100mm fork and 135mm rear hub.

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by DrGalactus

How about 'Chinese carbon'? ... frame.html seems to fit your requirements and my full suspension TwentyChiner has been great.

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by robgall13

Basically if you want a carbon 29er and cheap, then a Chinese 29er is probably the way to go. People seem to like the 056/057 from Hong Fu best.

If you just want a 29er frame then about the Kinesis Maxlight FF29, it's less than 500g heavier (1.78kg) than a Chinese carbon frame, but has fanasic reviews, great after sales support and won't break on you. Around the same price as a cheap carbon frame too. ... e-12-46187" onclick=";return false;

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by socratease

I'd put a vote in for a niner EMD frame. Not flashy, but it rides well, the geometry is great, and you'd have bikeshop support.

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by yourdaguy

I built an EMD EX small for my 12 year old son and it is an awesome bike. His is built with 100mm Fox and of course 135 rear. I have 5 other Niners and it steers/handles just like the others. The only difference is it is a little heavier for the same size frame. (in other words the ex small EMD was about the same weight as a medium Air9). If you can bargain with your dealer, you can get the EMD for something in the mid $five hundreds landed. If you buy a Niner frame, you can rest assured that if there is ever a frame problem, they will stand behind it and the geometry is about as good as it gets.
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by MileHighMark

Ended up getting a Soul Cycles Dillinger 5.0 frame and Carver Trail-490 carbon fork.
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by Ghastly

On One Scandal. I'm riding one for 4 years now, same geo as early Niner frames (2009), alu and pretty light... ... t_frame_v2


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