Budget ebay carbon 26" 1x10 build, 16.94 lbs 7.68 kg

Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by fastvegan

I wanted to share my budget MTB build. I am pleased with the results and the ride of such a light bike. I live in the midwest and we dont have crazy trails like other parts of the country, so a lightweight 1x10, 80mm travel bike works perfectly.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/36779852@N ... 649894444/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Some specs,
ebay frame fr-201 threaded bb.
magura durin 80mm fork
ashima pcb, uncut hoses, can save a few more g when i cut them. ai2 rotors, carbon TI rear caliper mount.
lightning crank, 32t ring, twin bbg guards drilled to save more weight,
ti xpedo pedals
racing ralph tubulars, reynolds carbon tubular
sram red tuned rear der, xx shifter, tuned shifter clamp, recon alu cassette (perhaps not the most practical), kmc x10sl gold
wcs stem, tuned cheap ebay carbon bars (105g after tuning) kcnc grips, kcnc post, regale seat alloy rails.
I estimate I have 2,000 - 2,500 usd invested, but I am a bargin hunter.

future plans include; xx grip shifter, lighter wheels and more tuning of existing parts.

Any thoughts and comments both positive and negative are welcome, and yes I ride trails on this as shown, so far only 4 hours and everything works very well.

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by Martin.F

Great value for money! I'm betting you'll find the recon cassette useless after a while and add a bit of weight there. You can look for some nice podium MMX rims if youre light enough. Will shed some weight there if you combine it with a nice set of hubs. Also; that saddle!

by Weenie

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by jooo

How do you find the PCB's?

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by TheRookie

That does look nice, not that $2000-2500 is budget in my book, I guess it is on here!

How are you dinding the ebay frame? Bars sound good as well, got a link?

Do like the Magura forks, my son has Durin Marathon's on his FS!
Impoverished weight weenie wanna-be!
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by fastvegan

To answer a few questions,

The cassette I know will not last long, i used a sram red 12-28 cassette and will move back to that.

The pcb's are all over ebay for a song, I have a spare set in my cellar.

The frame is great, I had an older ebay carbon frame (4 years ago) and this one has come a long way, a lot stiffer, handles better and lighter.

the fork is ok, i am not a fork nerd i have only had one other shock fork, and this is way better than that was (older reba) i like that i can pump it up and it does not have too many settings to fiddle with, some people like tons of adjustment, but I like to play with tire pressure more than shock adjustment, just a personal thing.

the bars, they are Hylix bars search on ebay for them, they were 125 grams, after cutting the reinforced ends off and sanding off the clear i was down to 105g not bad for a bar that was $50 usd.

Thanks again for the questions and input!
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by jooo

Yeah but how are the PCB's in your usage? They have very mixed reviews.

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by t0ph0id

What's your opinion on the Hylix bars? I've just browsed their eBay shop and there some good looking items on there for a great price.

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by fastvegan

PCB's are great, as stated the trails I ride are very mild, but the brakes are just as strong as the Formula and avid brakes I have used in the past.

The bars are great. just as stiff as I would need, they have not broken so I would say they are strong enough.

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by laxer29

How is the stiffness in the BB? No flex?

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by 02GF74

re: Hylix bars ... recently a new kid has appeared on the block - cheaper and I thnk lighter than the Hylix.

I am pretty sure I have a set but not yet fitted them (think I have set of Hylix too)
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Carbon-MT ... 25812500d7

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by Vegard

That's a very nice build :thumbup:

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by fastvegan

i would say little bb flex, i have only owned 3 mtbs so i dont have a great baseline

by Weenie

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