Lightest 29er front suspention available

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by konky

What's the lightest 29er front suspension available? The Cannondale Lefty Carbon XLR 1332g must be up there.

Some info. on this would be much appreciated.

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Mads Kock
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by Mads Kock

WR Composite

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by konky

Thanks Mads Kock

The WR composite's 29er fork at 1180g is 152g lighter than the Cannondale. So there isn't an established manufacturer that someone would recommend that can beat the Lefty at 1332g? I want light but for a saving of 152g for such an important accessory it isn't worth the risk.

I'm new to MTB but I would guess when it comes to suspension forks the reliability and dependability that a known and established brand can offer is preferable. You can see that the likes of Cannondale and Sram (Rockshox) have put many years and vast investment into developing their products.

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by TheRookie

Some people don't like quality of spring and damping on the Lefty's so consider if you are happy with it or not, or would prefer a heavier conventional fork.
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by jooo

The Kilo is pretty on par with the WR - I imagine the performance is also better.

Technically the Lauf is lighter, but not exactly a normal suspension fork.

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by mythical

I'd like to try a Lauf. Like many, I'm concerned about damping, but Lauf says the leaf springs are similar to those used in prosthetic legs and have built-in damping. Sub-1kg is pretty impressive though.

Then there's looks...
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by konky

Does anyone know if Kilo or WR are as effective and durable as RockShox or Fox?

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