MTB Position compared to roadbike position

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by mattr

Depends how much too high the saddle is on the road bike...... :wink:

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by Getter

I have my saddle setup pretty close to my road bike on the 29er...but the bars are a bit closer and higher. Makes "shredding" more fun. My park/shuttle bike is something entirely different. :D

I run 170mm cranks on all three bikes.

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by boots2000

1.) Saddle position similar to road position. Saddle can be slightly lower, maybe even slightly less setback- but close to road.
2.) Saddle to bars- longer than reach to tops on road, shorter than reach to hoods.
3.) Drop- start with half of your road drop- but ok to go higher. Comfort and handling are more of an issue than aerodynamics.

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by quinner

It's not a good way to think of it, on my roadie I size down and run a long stem, set back post and fairly large drop. On my 29er I size up, preferring the roomier fit for long rides up to 100 miles. Could be more different in fit philosophy.

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by bm0p700f

I have tried the same saddle height on my MTB as I have on my road bike and I pulled muscles very quickly even though the position should have been O.K. The saddle to bar distance is the same as on my road bikes but I have less drop so I move my bum back when I need to which is why I also use riser bars. Also the lower seat (3 cm) helps me get my bum out back easily. With the seat jacked up a bit I do not have the same control.

I just cannot ride an MTB with the same position as I have on my road bike.

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by Fixie82

What sort of riding are you doing? That would really determine what your setup would look like, as someone else alluded to above for some riding control is more important than a racey position.

For my riding I tend to run lower bars but closer to me so it's easier to loft the front the wheel, side effect of this is that to rail corners more body input is needed to apply pressure to the front wheel. My race bike is all the way forward and require less input to keep gripping into corners.

I ride slightly more forward of the BB so its a little easier to get off the back of the saddle and I can produce a little more power in that position for riding steeper pinches and obstacles. I also run my saddle slightly lower (around 1-1.5cm).

Positions can evolve and are dependant on where you ride, how you ride and your comfort and skill level.

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