Best MTB pulley/jockey wheels?

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by CGT

What pulleys would you equip your Shimano XTR derailleur with if costs were disregarded?

Qualities I'm looking for:
- longevity of the pulley (teeth that do not wear down quickly)
- longevity of the bearings (i.e. well-sealed)
- low weight (although not as important as those above)
- low bearing drag
- black colour preferably

Personally, I'm leaning towards the Enduro Zero pulleys, but I wonder what others are using or would like to use. Are the ceramic speed pulleys just ridiculous, or is there some ground for the hefty price tag of those?

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by DanW

I have been very impressed with the Aerozine Ceramic pulleys on ebay. £25 a pair, 11g a pair, they come in black and they have covered more than 2000km of tough British winter mud with hardly any wear to the teeth and bearings are still smooth. I struggle to get that kind of life out of the stock Shimano in the constant gritty mud we have! I also like that the very open design sheds mud and debris very well so the muck can't build up on them. They look awesome too :D

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by rainerhq

About those alternative pulley/jockey wheels... Do they come like original Shimano ones, two different wheels (upper/lower)?
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by DanW

I assumed that the two jockey wheels must be different since one looks offset but in fact if you look very closely they are the same. The cynical part of me thinks it is a clever mover to deter upgrades and sell aftermarket spares ;)

Lots of people have great success with any replacement such as Aerozine, KCNC or Mt Zoom so there is no issue with swapping out the original pulleys

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by andrewh8877" onclick=";return false; Last almost forever, 5.6g each, no noticable drag. Red only unfortunately" onclick=";return false; Indestrucable. Barely any drag, loads of colours. But 14g each.
I have the top ones on all my XC bikes and the bottom ones on my DH bike. They even survived the rear mech disintegrating mid race and are still going strong in the new mech.

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by Liggero

please, correct me if i´m wrong, but ridemates always told me that theoriginal shimano jockey wheels last much longer than aluminium ones; delrim plasic last longer than aluminium. my stock xtr jockey wheels must have around 10.000kmand they are still quite ok.
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by DanW

I have got the same if not more life out of my Aerozine Ceramic Pulleys compared to Shimano. Certainly no loss of function upgrading

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