Is it worth it to invest in a Specialized Carve-Crave?

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by StixZadinia

Hello everyone,

I've been going back and forth -for months, now- in trying to decide whether I should go for just an Allez E5 road bike for commuting duties (for which I already bought frame and wheels), or get a second bike, a 29er alu mtb (to replace a 26in Trek 3900D9 that got stolen, earlier this year).

I've had my eyes these past months on a 2013 Carve Expert 29 (I really liked the stealth looks of that bike), but the bike became sold out, and now I'm waiting for the replacement (the 2014 CRAVE Comp 29) to have a look at them.

I tested some other Specialized mtbs at the LBS recently, but the dealer told me that the mtbs on this brand are (in average) quite on the heavy side; I got on a couple of 29inch models for a quick spin, and they definitely felt heavier than what I can remember my 26 inch Trek weighed.
If the alu mtb is going to end up being substantially heavier than my Allez road build (which I hope to pair with a light group and components), then I think I would just stick with the one road bike (for now, at least).

Do you have opinions on my situation? I've read many (weight) numbers on the web, but I'd like to hear from people with hands-on experience and much better knowledge than me on the subject.

Btw, the reasons I'm pretty much set on Specialized are:
- I like the looks on them
- Most LBS around here carry a bigger selection of the brand than most others
- They have all-black frame models (road and mtb), and I happen to have a soft spot for black-only/totally stealth bikes.

Thanks much for your opinions!

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by system787

A Carve/Crave Expert weighs in at about 26.5 lbs for a 17.5 inch size bike.

The Stumpjumper HT 29 Comp weighs in at about 25 lbs for the same size.

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by StixZadinia

Thank you very much for that tip!

I am, in fact, a 17.5 inch (M) size on those mtbs :!:
I'm going to try and go somewhere between 15-17lbs with my road frame build, so by those numbers, a 29er mtb is almost double as much the weight.

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by Getter

I have a 2013 Carve Pro. Going tubeless dropped the bike half a pound.

I was deciding between the Carve and Stumpy earlier this year. I went with the Carve because I wanted the taller front end and slightly "slower" steering. So regrets.

Its at 25lbs with the stock wheels (real heavy!). Hope to switch out the stock wheels soon. Probably switch out the rear SLX shifter for a XTR...since it feels so nice.

Parts I switched out

Bars: Niner RDO 710mm
Stem: Thomson X4 70mm
Brakes: Shimano XT
Cranks: SLX
Front derailleur: XT
seat post: Loaded
Saddle: Phenom Pro
Grips: ESI chunky
Tires: Tubeless setup
Pedals: Crank Bros Candy 3



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