Help 9.11mm XX1 BB30 axle spacer needed.

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by NS


Can anyone on here help me get hold of one of these. The reputable bike workshop who replaced my pf30 bb decided not to bother re-fitting it and left me with 9mm of play in my bb. They are on back order in the uk but if anyone out there can find one I'd be very grateful.

It's a sram/truvative BBS007 I believe that is needed.



by Weenie

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by dwaharvey

You can probably make one out of a 1 1/8" x 10mm headset spacer - this is what I did for Hollowgram axle spacer on my Funk (see signature). It'll start out with a 28.6mm (or something like that) inner diameter, but you can work on that with some 200 grit sand-paper until its 30mm. Same to grind the thickness down from 10mm to 9.11mm... you just need some decent calipers to keep track of progress, and to make sure that you randomize your sanding to ensure it is even (keep spinning it around in your hand so you eliminate the tendency to over-sand in any one area, and put the sandpaper on a hard flat surface... I managed to get mine down to 9.0mm +/- 0.02mm!).

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by crohnsy

I also made the spacers I need for my Zipp cranks on my Tarmac out of carbon headset spacers. I used the sanding drum on my dremel to make quick work of the task..


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by Lateralus

Congrats for the tdf project yellow tarmac. Which size is it?

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by crohnsy

Thanks, it is a 52

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