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by Rey

hey there

any good or bad expereince with BrakeForceOne brakes???

still mysterious in hk....

German friend said it was all positive feedback in germany...

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by maxle

First of all: I had the chance to ride a BFO, but didn`t take it, cause we also had some negative feedback in germany. Personally i don`t like flaming against bikeparts, but have a look for more feedback.
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by cerro

all positive feedback in Germany? Seen a lever that broke in the middle and when the owner wanted a new warranty they talked about lawyers and things, would never buy Brake Force One after such bad service from BFO.
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by Liggero

The little reviews I've read, the system they use is very light but quite akward. I would rather choose either formula or shimano xtr. Formula are lighter. Stay away from sram or tune brakes.
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by sow

I own a set, very light they have excelent modulation, those are just as powerful as Maguras Mt8, with no effort on the finger, I broke a part, and I got a new one in less than a week, no questions asked (i was not using the torque tool)

Formulas are very good but in long descents get very hot.

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