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by ultreia

I want to make a cheap/light and good lefty 27.5 wheels. I want to use as front hub an xcr 1.7 or 1.5 hub but I couldn't find an 28/32h option, only 24 holes. Is there any option of this hub in 28/32 drilling ? or is there any other lefty hub option as cheap as this ?

Other option could be use a rim with 24 drilling in 650b but I couldn't find any option, do you know any ? 24 holes in 650b/27.5 rim is stiff enough ?

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by DrGalactus

The stock lefty hubs are either 32 or 28 and not earth shatteringly expensive
http://qwertycycles.co.uk/collections/h ... ub-32-hole £40/32h
http://qwertycycles.co.uk/collections/h ... hole-qc082 £32/28h

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by ratherbeintobago

That £32 one is a 24h hub.

Best bet for a 28h hub might be the DT Swiss one; most of the others seem to only come in 24h or 32h drilling.

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by thisisatest

Woodman makes a 28hole one, but it is not light. Lighter to go 32 with a stock lefty hub, even.

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