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Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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I know this forum is about paring down our precious pedalling pals but when it looks perfect and it's a classic mountainbike design I prefer to let it be.

I'm so damn excited----I just found an almost perfect Specialized Stumpjumper M2----totally original and very close to showroom. I saw it at a sort of backyard bike dealer garage sale----it spoke to me but I initially drooled over it but said no-no---I've just bought a beautiful titanium racer a week ago----3 good bikes is enough. The guy asked if I wanted to buy it but I said definitely not but I think she's a real Beauty.

I went home and continued weight weenieing the Everti titanium----I thought about it and concluded that the KHS Montana Team and the Rocky Mountain Element Race were all the mountain bikes I would ever need. :roll: THEN :twisted: --an evil thought came to mind ---if I buy it I can give the Montana Team to my great-niece---ok dammit---I'm 60 :shock: -----lol.

"JUSTIFIED" :beerchug:

Anyway----the deed is done and she's going to stay stock and classic

I'll post pics when I can.

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by michel2

excellent choice ! some times life faces you with hard choices and its up to yoiu to make the most of it ! (-:
is the khs your speaking of one of those full xtr blue pink (or purple beauties ?)

i would love to get my hands on those golden bart brentjes m2 sworks bikes, would have been even better if they now came out with a 29er option, perhaps in 2017 when its 20 years on the dot after the first entered the market ! (-:

anyway pictures please !

by Weenie

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The khs is an early 90's or late 80's that I bought new----it was pinkish and a deep blue---you might say purple---full xt not xtr----came with a fork that was supposed to flex and did---it weigheded about 21 lbs that way but of course I soon put a Manitou on it and later when the Manitou died----a Rock shox jett----when I bought the Rocky Mountain it became my favorite mountainbike so the KHS although very capable tended to sit most of the time. It still is in beautiful shape.

Just brought the M2 home-----still has the original seat---grips and even the tires are perfect and original models.

It was seriously only street-ridden by a very meticulous man who knew how to take care of things.

Boy am I happy. :up: :beerchug:

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