1500$ XC 29er MTB Wheelset

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by jacobHansen

Hello guys,

I am looking for a good Cross Country racing wheelset for my Scott Scale 900 RC.
I have been looking at Stan's ZTR 29Er Race Gold Wheelset, but i do not mind making my own wheel either.
My weigh is 72 kilos with gear on...
If it could be possible to find a wheelset in 1300-1400Grams for a set, i would be happy...

Any suggestions? My price is maximum 1500$.
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by Martin.F

Depending on your weight, but the Race gold is quite soft IMO. I used to run an Extralite/crest build which was a lot stifer.

I'm looking into building new wheels now myself, and I'm looking for Chinese carbon rims + Tune king/kong, b.o.r. or american classic hubs. It will be in your target weight and price class, and probably as stiff as it can be.
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by jacobHansen

I weigh 72 Kilos

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by limba

DT have new factory wheels coming for around $1000-1200 and at your goal weight.
Build your own DT240/DT spokes/Stan's rims for around $1000.
Maybe you can get Specialized carbon for your budget?

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by thisisatest

Specialized top end carbon are $1700. I'm sure someone is selling some used.
if not, you can essentially do the same with a set of light-bicycle.com rims, nice hubs, light spokes, and a good builder. Probably cost you a little less.

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by limba

Any kind of warranty with those rims?

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by yourdaguy

Yes, but you probably won't need it. I have 3 sets and they are bulletproof.
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by UpFromOne

I've been running the chinese carbon rims (30mm width) and Tune Prince/Princess hubs with DT SuperComp 2.0/1.5/1.8 spokes. Decent overall weight and indeed bulletproof (so far) even tho I like to hop over obstacles. Using a slightly heavier hubset, you can easily build something similar under $1K in parts.

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