Best chainring bolts?

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by CGT

First of all, lets limit the discussion to aluminium or titanium bolts. I know that steel bolts are fit and forget, but hey, we are on the weight weenies forum after all. In addition, they must come in black and have a nice finish. I suspect the black requirement takes most of the titanium bolts out of consideration. Finally, they must be intended for 3-speed cranksets, in this case a THM Clavicula.

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by the_marsbar

I got some pretty nice black Ti bolts for my brake calipers from R2. What's the problem with black Ti bolts?

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by CGT

No problem, just that black ti bolts are not that common, especially when compared to aluminium ones. Additionally, is the added weight of ti worth it in this application?

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by yourdaguy

Aluminum is fine for chainring bolts, except maybe on a tandem. Alum is lighter by about 1/3 than Ti. Alum is easier to get in colors.
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by TheRookie

Aluminium, I use Truvitiv as they come with a 5mm/6mm Allen fitting for the male/female rather than the silly screwdriver slot, easy to get, fairly light (19g for a set of 4 for 2 rings) and fairly cheap.
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by 02GF74

if you are in UK, check out the Onza aluminium chain ring bolts on ebay - they have Torx socket so more robust than hex socket.

nothing wrong with with using alloy bolts - top of the range Shimano XTR chainset have them.

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by DanW

Alu for many many km. Mine came from Toronto Cycles as part of a very large order switching over to all Alu/ Ti bolts. Can't fault them when super reliable and 6g for 4 bolts (1x10)

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by krzysiekmz

I have best luck with original Shimano alu. bolts(came with xtr-970 crankset) and Extralite Extrabolts. No problems whatsoever.

I cannot recomend KCNC or Tiso.

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