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by JKS

I can't for the life of me find a search term that brings up this particular type of v-brake mount up on the net...

I began building up an old steel mtb/dirt jumping frame I had lying around to more comfortably pedal with our baby seat (& baby) on the back :D
Currently the baby seat is on the back of an old SS road frame - this is ok on paved, flat paths, but not much else!

When I realised that the 3 threaded holes on the frame needed this type of v-brake mount, I came grinding to a halt. I've spent a fair bit of time on Google & have figured out what I need (i.e. the mounts in the photos above), but I can't find them for sale anywhere! If they can still be found for purchase somewhere these days, I'd love to know where, or what term I should be searching with to find them!

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by mentok

something like this?

halo specific (discontinued): http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... elID=42117" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

on-one specific: http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/FSOOCBS/on_ ... _m6_thread" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

they're called canti bosses or vee brake bosses. might want to contact on-one with your hole spacings and sizes to see if theirs will fit your frame.

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by JKS

Thanks for the reply mentok.

The first link you gave is where I got my first image from in the original post. The item is discontinued, so unfortunately not much good to me. I'm pretty sure this is the exact mount I am after, as the old frame I have was a 'Da Bomb' Cr-Mo frame (look at the other pics once you have the link open).

The On-One bolt on boss looks ok. I don't care what I use, as long as I can find something relatively cheaply that will do the trick. I reckon I've seen better looking options in google images, but I have no idea where to find them.
I should mention I am in Australia I guess, when looking at availability of parts.

As far as search terms go, "v-brake boss" is where I started, but this generally brings up the screw in posts/pivots if entered into eBay or other similar sites. I need to find the bolt on version as the posts/pivots on their own don't have the little holes for spring tension adjustment. Plus, I'm pretty sure the thread on the posts/pivots is larger diameter than the actual frame bolts - these seem to be similar to disc brake mount bolts (an ~5mm outside diameter bolt fits)? I was just wondering if there is some specific name that might all of a sudden bring up the bolt on bosses I'm chasing :)

Edit: the 1st pic looks huge on my computer - sorry!

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by TheRookie

Problem is they are frame specific, no standard, so you'll be lucky to find anything other than the specific one for your frame that will fit.

This may help
http://uk.images.search.yahoo.com/searc ... r2=piv-web
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