Trigon fork user reports?

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by verrocchio100

Hey fellow WW!

I've searched here and other forums as well and it seems the Trigon fork is well liked.

So now after some more miles on the forks, how do you guys like it?

A few concerns I have before I take the leap as well;

1. Carbon steerer, at 180lbs all up I don't think I can do much damage, if any at all just short of taking monster jumps/drops/impacts but I am concerned about using the expander plug.

2. Any concerns with the quick release gripping into the drop outs?

3. A shorter A2C measurement; how are you fellas compensating, if at all? Increase stem rise/handlebar rise/spacers? How about headset? Current ride has the venerable King installed. So I am curious on how others are addressing this A2C measurement.

4. For V-brake models, any compatability issues with current production linear pulls? IIRC, someone had mentioned that their V-brakes didn't work well on the canti-studs due to width?

Any other suggestions, pitfalls, input are greatly appreciated!


by Weenie

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by tzeonn

Just got one and love it! Abt 1 inch lower in the front.

One thing u have to note is the area where the headset crown race sits. Its very big, 50mm. A normal 1 1/8" headset would look small when the fork is installed. Seems its designed for frames with bigger/integrated headsets.

My fork weight (cut) is 530 gms.

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by andrewh8877

I have had one for a couple of years, no problems at all.
Regarding your points:
1. I am 140-ish pounds and it's fine for me. No issues with the expander.
2. No, that's fine too.
3. I like a quick-handling bike so a short a-c suits me fine. IIRC different lengths are available.
4. No idea, mine are disc-only.
For pictures of it in use see here ... -bike.html
tzenno makes a valid point. The crown is quite wide and will protrude slightly on bikes with conventional headsets. Looks a little odd but works fine. Pictures of it on my old bike here (click pic to make it bigger) ... ruins.html
New bike has an integrated headset and it looks much nicer.
Overall I would definately recomend it. Light, much nicer to ride than my previous, steel, rigid fork and so far reliable.

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