Light XC tyres - which actually works?

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by seismic

Hi All,

I am looking at whether it is possible to find some lighter tyres which still has some grip. A bit of history:

I am currently riding Schwalbe Nobby Nick front and rear in combination with some Michelin latex tubes. I and normally riding on hardback, clay (with a good mix of sharp rocks, - all in damp conditions. I have tried several times to see if I could go lighter on tyres and tube and I have in that connection tried the following:

Maxxis Maxxlite (310gr) - very pure grip and anything else than tarmac and punctures easily.

Eclipse tubes (56gr) - punctures very easily and seems to be made more for the scale than for the trail.

Schwalbe Furious Fred (315 gr) - better than Maxxis Maxxlite, but still a non-offroad tyre IMO. Not trail-worthy.

So, - as I use my bike for XC racing but admitting that I am still a WW, are there any serious contenders to get something lighter and still competitive to the Nobby Nicks?

Hope for some good input.


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by the_marsbar

Rocket Rons or Racing Ralphs. Nobby Nics are heavy.

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by split

26 or 29?
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by Asymptotic

If you race, not sure why your currently using NNs? Rocket Rons are good for short XCO type races, any further where punctures are more likely I use Ralphs.

Saying that your riding conditions sound as if they would favour RRs all they time.
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by seismic

26". Agree to Rocket Ron. Have them as well, - lighter and nice, but do I go lighter (if possible)?

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by tonytourist

Racing Ralph or Rocket Ron, or Specialized Fast Trak and Renegades with S Works casings.
I had a set of Furious Fred's for fun and they were thinner than my road tires it seemed.
While there are light tires out there, they will either wear out very quickly or just won't be durable in my opinion.

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