Looking for a 400mm long, 27.2 25mm offset post, sub 200g

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by benread

Hi fellow Weight Weenies, I'm looking for a 400 mm, 27.2 mm, 25 mm offset seat post for my new 2013 Trek Superfly Elite SL, SUB 200 grams if possible... and Tune speed needle compatibility... Cheers! :D

by Weenie

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by CGT


There are even lighter ones, but that one fits your requirements spot on.

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by benread

Thats the exact post I was looking at, however, Its not the lightest, Its quite expensive, I hadn't heard it was compatible with the Tune speedneedle and people seem to be having problems with the clamping mechanism...

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by serum

what about http://newultimate.com/seatpost/seatpost-setback" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; ?

Rotor SP1 is 15 grams over your weightbudget, but i don't know if you need the full 400mm?

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by lyot

A new or used one ?

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by benread

New and MUST be 400 mm...

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by steve147505

hi Try the Eriksen ones not quite able to sneak under 200g ( my 360mm one is 209) but superior clamping mechanism and comfortable to boot


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by quantum_Rider

I have been after a similar seat post, 400mm 27.2 with some offset.
Eriksen sweetpost head has notches:

while enve head design relies on wedges to create compression:

Torque meter recommendation for Eriksen 12-15Nm and for Enve 8-12Nm

I would not expect have problems with either design. Still lighter and cheaper ones exist.

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by the_marsbar

Top-clamping (Enve) is better for carbon-railed saddles, no?

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by Dennis

Woodman has some seatposts on there website with 25mm setback in this size. They are all claimed well under 200 gram. I don't know there real weights.

by Weenie

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