Does anyone sell Novatec or equivalent Centrelock hubs?

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by js

I'm planning a wheel build for a 29er HT and would like to use Novatec hubs (or similar, as they seem to manufacture for a number of other companies, and in general, I've found their value/performance balance to be incredible), but would like to keep using Centrelock hubs and rotors, as I prefer the design. Ideally looking for a 15mm TA front & QR rear, and if we're really pushing it, anodized in red would be nice too!

It seems to be only DT Swiss and Shimano rocking the Centrelock designs, but I'm hoping that someone might know of another company selling such a hub?

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by HillRPete

Stumbled across this page once ... 1SB-CL.htm
No idea about the shop, but it gives you the parts numbers at least, so you can go from there.
(Personally I tend to look for NOS XTR hubs on ebay, got lucky a few times)

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by jooo

You can find DT 350's for reasonable prices on eBay. They are a fair bit lighter than XT, which seem to be the only other cheap, decent CL hubs you can find AFAIK.

I'm pretty sure I've seen some version of a 'light' CL hub but I can't remember who it was made by. I don't know if it was Bitex, Chin Haur etc and definitely can't remember who was the 'reseller'. It was at least a couple of years back and just doing a few Google searches proved fruitless :noidea:

I know 616 also make CL hubs but they aren't particularly light or cheap.

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