Non - Black Chili Continentals, better than Stock tires?

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I've been considering changing the tires on my Trek 6000. It came with Bontrager Jones XR, which since they are all I've ever ridden, I can't really compare to anything else.

I'm trying to find tires that roll quickly for some non-technical XC races but will have decent drip in on wet roots and rocks and hold their lines on descents with tight turns week in, week out riding.

The two/three options I've considered are:

Non black chili folding Continental Mountain Kings, 2.2 rear and 2.4 front. These are definitely lighter than my current tires by 80-100 grams each, and would hopefully roll faster. Though some seem to suggest that their performance on wet rocks and roots is not good, and if our spring is long I'll be riding wet rocks and roots til late June.

Second, Schwalbe Hans Dampf performance on the front and Rapid Rob wire on the rear in 2.25. This setup would be heavier, but the Hans Dampf gets great reviews in all conditions and Schwalbes from what I gather generally seem to roll quickly.

Third, get a Stans tubeless kit for my current tires.

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by Kastrup

I think you should consider the Schwalbe Rocket Ron front and rear. They will provide you with a great mix of all the abilities you wan't from a tyre for general mountainbike use.
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by socratease

Either way, go tubeless.

Use gorilla tape to build up your rim cavity if they're stock. Tubeless will afford you a fair amount of extra traction.

All condition tires that mount easily, roll pretty fast, and are good in all conditions:

specialized ground control
bontrager XR3/XR2

I like the schwalbe tires a lot, except their price and durability.
The older mountain kings squirmed a lot. Haven't ridden the new ones.
If you're going to go with continential you should go for the black chile ones.

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by Colin

Can't go wrong with either the Schwalbe Racing Ralph or the Maxxis Ikon, both roll quickly and I've found both to be pretty confidence inspiring. Hans-Dampf and Mountain kings seem like over kill for XC racing. :noidea:

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Well the xc racing is only part of my riding. My week in and week out riding includes lots of rocks, roots and big descents. I'm also going on a trip this summer which I think will be more focused on free ride type riding. Most of the suggestions are pretty expensive compared to the contis I was looking at, may just ride my bonties in to the ground and save my pennies.

I've also been eyeing the kenda slant six in 2.35.

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by miceden

I run 2.2 Conti Mountain King Supersonics, mk1 version with the black chilli compound... as a tyre for dry conditions I like them a lot, in the wet though they are a lot of work, 9/10 they just tend to let go on wet roots & rocks so if thats going to be a significant part of your riding I dont suggest them.

Also have a look at Maxis Ignitor... there is also the High Roller from Maxis, unbelievable grip in all conditions but the trade off is speed.

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