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by burglarboycie

Hi all
I'm toying with the idea of building a hardtail mtb for summer afternoon sessions at the local trails. I'm not going to be spending a fortune on the build as I'm still working on my road bike too and that's the priority. I've got my eye on a couple of likely candidates for the frame, one is Scandium and the other is Reynolds 853. Obviously the Scandium frame will be lighter but I know steel frames still have a pretty good following and ride well. I will be either going with rigid carbon forks or a 100mm suspension fork. Opinions/experiences welcome.

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by headtube

My personal experience with scandium was it did not give as much feedback as steel. Steel is more lively feeling in the saddle but heavier. I wouldn't rule out titanium. The ride quality is superb. A kind of half way between scandium and steel but with the light weight factor still viable. I have hard all three... scandium, steel, and Ti. The Ti was my favourite. Good feedback and lightweight. But also more $$$.

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by burglarboycie

Thanks for the reply. I ruled titanium out as an option due to the cost as I would rather have a bit more money left over after buying the frame to spend on better quality forks etc

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by michel2

i cant say much about scandium, never had a scandium ride, but i had several 853 bike and just about the clock the first 1000 km on a 853 hardtail i made myself, base your choice on your ridding style and weight, i have never seen a scandium bmx or park bike if you know what i mean, i believe cotic has some fantastic offerings and are quite affordable (-:
with saying all this, i dont believe anyone will spot the difference between 853 and any other tube set so i wouldn't limited my self to the one particular tubeset

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by DanW

The geometry, tyres, forks, etc will give you a bigger difference in ride feel IMO. Also, not all Scandium frames are created equal just like 2 steel frames can feel vastly different in their ride. There is way more to a bike or frame than material. Pick the one that fits you best, with the geometry that works for you from a builder with a good reputation.

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by Magpie

I'd assume a 'scandium' frame would behave like an aluminium frame , as it would be 99.5% aluminiun

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by Mep

I rode a Scott team issue in scandium back in the day, and I'd generally describe it as similar to aluminium but lighter.

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by HillRPete

michel2 wrote:base your choice on your ridding style


Riding style and maybe aestethical preferences.

That said, a coworker of mine is raving about Cotic. They are at least partially made from 853 tubing, unlike many other "newschool steel" frames that are using plain cheap cromoly (does not mean poor frame though).

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by AJS914

On a budget I'd get a used bike or frame. I picked up an $4000 MSRP Marin carbon hardtail in like new condition for $1400 last summer. You just can't beat the used market.

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by TheRookie

The Cotic steel hardtail frames are competitive with mid range aluminium alloy frames in terms of weight and give a nice ride (from ride colleagues with them), aluminium alloy with scandium is rare now as it doesn't cost much less than carbon fibre for the same weight, as mentioned above scandium is used as an alloying agent, so calling them 'scandium' was just marketing to differentiate from the other various aluminium alloy frames.

Decide what you want from the frame and pick the best frame for both geometry and material.
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