How wide handlebar you are using on 26er HT

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by bikemaniack


From next year I would like to put on my 26'' HT bike wider handlebar. Whole my life I used handlebars narrow than 600mm,but now I think about 660 or even 685mm. Does someone have some experience with as wide handlebars as that. For me they are more comfortable,and its easier to control the bike riding down the hill.

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by lional7


My bike came with a 685mm handlebar, but I am going to a 720mm as I find the wider bar more comfortable.

by Weenie

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by Velofreak

560mm for me. Nice for marathons and not very technical downhills. I may switch to 580mm, but wider i don't like it. 100% XC

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by Bianchi_EV4

I used 520mm for a very long time. This year i switched to a new bike and i use a 600mm with a 20mm shorter stem. What should i say...the good old times are over, and this is good.


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by tjk

used to ride 580s.. than switched for 600 on fullsus bike, than kept them on my Litespeed and since I converted to fully rigid bike I also switched these bars for 720 ENVE riser... wouldn´t get back for nothing! 8) love the feeling of having evyrything under control with these... i like to ride bike not been ridden by bike :-D
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by dhphat

Nothing narrower then a 710 for me anymore.
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by bikemaniack

Very good to hear that. I thought,that I'll be the only person with that wide handlebar on 26er.


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maddog 2
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by maddog 2


It's no XC rig though...

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by cerro

600-620. Riding 600 on my 26 fs at the moment. To expensive to change for a couple of cm wider so have to wait.
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by BmanX

on my 26" I run Easton EC90 610mm lo rise bars but I am thinking on my 29er that I am going to run the 685mm Easton EC70 lo rise bars.

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by jamespierce

600mm on the 26er ... 640mm on the 29er. I can't imagine wider though ! 700+ ... Damn guys.

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by TheRookie

Was running 580's went to 640's, won't be going back although may drop them to 620....when it's smooth I drop my hands onto the inner bar for an improved aero/pedal position and find I can run about 1 gear higher.
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by slyboots

XC HT - I was riding about 580 flatbar, then went to 620 low riser and it helped with confidence on technical downhills. Several months later moved back to 590 flatbar with barends and felt no worse on downhills, but better everywhere else, so I'm keeping them for now.

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by bikemaniack

One more question,when you changed yours handlebars for much wider like from 580 to 660-80,did you changed stems,or no??? I planning to put 2cm shorter

by Weenie

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by johnnyboydotca

I use my HT for everything (XC, play bike, jumping) and went to a 710mm bar. I also shortened the stem by 10mm. The shorter stem is a little worse on steep climbs but overall a more fun ride on the trails.

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