front DuraAce derailleur won't fit, other suggestions?

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by Dennis

When trying to mount a DuraAce front derailleur with a custom carbon clamp, I noticed that the size between the mountbolt and undersite cage is 1cm smaller then for instance my Sram Red on a other bike. Because of this the carbon clamp needs to be mounted to low, wich isn't possible because the seattube flairs out on the underside. Any suggestions on a light braze-on derailleur with a lower cage. I didn't like the Sram Red btw.
Anyone nows if the Frm front derailleur has a longer swingarm? Anyone els had such a problem?


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by keebo

Hi read your post a couple of times can't picture what
you need, maybe a picture of where you can get it fixed
on (with it in there wrong place)
I have a band on with braze on attachment for braze on
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by limba

You know the new RED front has been completely redesigned? Maybe you would like the new one? If you tell everyone the bike you're using and exactly what the problem is someone will be able to help.

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by Dennis

Sorry, I will be a little more specific. I'm building up a Scott Scale 29er Rc frame. On my previous Scale 26 inch frame I could mount the Sram red so that the cage is 2mm above the big ring. Whit the Duraace this isn't possible because this derailleurs swingarm seems alot shorter + I use a smaller big ring (38 in stead of 42). Therefore I need to mount the braze-on adapter to low on the seattube.

I probably going to try the Frm fd-m zx front derailleur. This is supposed for smaller rings.

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by thisisatest

If you skip the carbon clamp, you can use the dura ace derailleur. some braze adapters have long slots like an actual braze on, instead of a single mounting hole. This would give you the range you need.

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by yourdaguy

You know there are top swing and bottom swing derailleurs and different frames are designed for the different types. You need to look up the specs for your frame and see which you need. My guess is that you have the wrong type.

There are basically two types of swing and two types of pull (top pull and bottom pull) Most Shimano der's can function as top pull or bottom pull but you still have to get the correct swing type.
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by Dennis

I'm shure I need a downswing, but still I need to mount the braze-on adapter to low. I'm going to order the Frm derailleur. I know a guy that used this with the carbon clamp. I will let you know how good the Frm actualy is.

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by bmCube

FRM front derailleur is pretty good! I use them on a 36-22 setup with no issues at all. Cage is 2mm above the big chainring and still clears the chainstay. :wink:

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by Dennis

Great news! Thanks, I hope my Frm will arrive next week.

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