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Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by go4custom

Hey guys, I have a light parts question for you MTB riders. Sycip and I are building a 29er HT SS for NAHBS and trying to decide on parts.

I'm wondering how light MTB parts will hold up to the abuse and forces of the trail, especially how rocky and rough our Nor Call trails are.

If anyone has input on these parts, it would be appreciated.

KCNC Radiant tapered headset
*or am I better sticking a King inset?

Tune King/Kong hubs

New Ultimate evo seatpost
*or stick to the Ritchey Superlogic carbon on order

Tune 15mm & 142x12 skewers
*or stick to stock Fox & DT skewers

I weigh 145lbs and pretty finesse rider. Thanks for the input

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by Kastrup

I've ridden the Extralite Ultrastem on my mtb for years. No complaints, i know it's not the kind of component you were asking for but it illustrates that light components can survive the rough nature of mountainbiking.
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by theremery

Those parts will be fine at your weight and riding style. I'm 75kg-80kg and would normally described as a finesse rider but I'm not opposed to short-cutting over some nasty bits if I have to to make a pass in a race. I run "joe magnesium Tiso headset" (very delicate by comparison to your choice), KCNC Skewers, and AC hubs. None of these options I run are as robust as your "light" choices. I can't comment on the seat pillar directly as the Easton EC90 zero I run is actually a pretty solid piece of kit but the NewUltimate is supposed to be a really nice pillar. I'd go with it!!
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by devinci

Im riding a KCNC stem and seatpost and a stupid light and thin mt zoom flat bar, im not a finesse rider since i've not been riding for long but im not hard on my stuff either. Everything holds just fine

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by boots2000

Stick with your alternate suggestions. Bad idea to put shit on your bike if you really plan to ride it.
King, Superlogic and DT are the way to go. plenty light- good durability.

Tokyo Drifter
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by Tokyo Drifter

If you are running tune hubs, run everything else tune, for maximal parts matching baller-ness.

king headset though (i don't think tune make one in that size?) because kcnc stuff, while light and perfectly fine in quality terms, just isn't very awesome.

you can also get tune stuff in heaps of pretty colours, which is dope.

all of tour other options are probably more durable and sensible.

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