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by gelo354

Hi All,


Yesterday i just plug a KCNC SC Wing stem long about 90mm on my bike, it's amaze, the weight is just only 96g. but one thing i'm worried about is, is it strong enough part to hold my weight "70kg".

is it any issue about this stem strangeness?

please advise,


by Weenie

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by SDP

only on my road bike but a 120cm & im heavier than you .. :P

absolutely no probs at all ..bargain ..so much so ive put bar/stem combo on partners bike ..

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by miceden

I used the 110mm version on my xc bike for a year and never had a problem, i'm also heavier than you at 84kg.... my xc bike is only for flat fast stuff and light trail use though, I couldnt possibly comment on how well the stem would fair under prolonged heavy/rough trail riding.

There were issues in 2006/7 with the stems failing but thats been resolved... some people have claimed the stems flex but personally I never noticed it, the only other issue I know about is that its quite easy to round the bolts, so a torque wrench or gentle touch is advised.

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by devinci

I've raced mine pretty hard all season, 100mm on my 26in hardtail, so not the smoothest thing arround. Its plenty strong. I would recommend using anti-seize paste on the bolts cause mine totally seized at the steerer area and they were impossible to untighten, I had to cut them and replace them. Also, the bolt head are quite small and easy to strip, careful.

otherwise, very nice and light stem. I just got the KCNC arrow -17d for my 29er, very similar construction

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by gelo354

Many many Thanks for all advise ans share ur experience of use it....

More confident to go with it "SC Wing stem"

it was an extremely light!!!

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