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by miceden

Hi everyone, wandered if I could ask a few questions and get a little input on Leftys... recently I had a short 10mi ride on a scalpel with a lefty on it and really liked it... before that I'd never tried one and in all honesty they never really sprung to mind when it came to choosing new forks so my knowledge is limited and what I do know is gleamed from internet searches... My tapered 2011 Fox float 32 FIT RLC 120mm needs replacing so i'm looking at leftys, the bike is used for mainly technical trails, no jumps larger than say 4ft, occasionally flat fast XC.

I know Leftys take a particular hub and that I will need an adaptor to run it on my bike (cube sting, carbon)... the tapered adapter will come from Project 321 along with a new wheelset.

The headtube, tapered, on my Sting is 130mm & takes an integrated headset... so I should be able to get away with a lefty that has standard, rather than XL, crowns(?).

What I am struggling with is which model lefty to get... A-C measurement on the Fox is 490mm give or take, struggling to find A-C measurements for Lefty's so which one is the best match? I dont mind a reduction in travel, nor a slight change in geometry, but nothing drastic. I've had one guy tell me Leftys are all the same A-C size, regardless of travel, but that doesnt sound right.

The lefty is a double crown fork so there is going to be more stress on the headtube correct? Would a tapered, and therefore stronger(?), headtube compensate for the additional stress or is this not really all that much of a worry?

Becuase of having to run an adaptor for the Lefty I am looking at the lighter 1.2kg end of the lefty market so that weight wise I dont suffer.

Any help appreciated, and if i've left out anything glaringly obvious please feel free to enlighten me.


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by Sandal

SpeK to Jake from Project 3321. He is very competent to answer all ur questions above. That is what i did and fork worked perfectly on mu superfly. Besides weight, consider if lockout is what u care about. For xc, xlr might be best. Otherwise pbr or dlr depending on ur lockout preference, button or lever.

Good luck!
weight concerned = good, weight obsessed = bad!

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