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by runningrunningjump

Hi everyone

Got these cranks off and the bearing was so stuck on ive damaged the silver ali spacer which spaces off from the drive bearing and the crank face. Ive tried everywhere and can not find one!!!

They are Cannondale (FSA) SI carbon BB30

Can you help me?

IMG_2225 by runningrunningjump, on Flickr

IMG_2226 by runningrunningjump, on Flickr

IMG_2224 by runningrunningjump, on Flickr


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by HugoDrax

Have you already contacted FSA or Cannondale? I would imagine that one of them has replacement parts. Also, whats with all of the yelling? :wink:

by Weenie

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by thisisatest

measure the width of it, then the width of just a flat shield. what's left is the width of "spacer" you need. it can be made of anything with a 30-32ish mm i.d. even a stack of preload washers would work. shops that do cervelos with their bbright, or rotor cranks, etc, probably have 9mm and 11mm "bb30" spacers all over the place.

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by runningrunningjump

Sorry about the capitals. Totally forgot it means shouting. I wasnt shouting at you honest!

I've spoken to several cannondale dealers, with no joy. Dr. Cannondale in Europe, and qwerty cycles in uk. All no luck. Qwerty are spares specialist for retro cannondale and I've bought from them before, so I believe them when they say they can't get it.

The cervelo idea. I think the width is 11mm overall. Problem is there is a bit in ring for nicely sitting on the bearing (there's another one that goes on the other side without built in spacer) so I'd need to start looking for one of those.....

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by dano

You might try the 30mm ID parts that go with these. While you don't need the entire kit, the 30mm ID spacers could be the trick that you're looking for to get your bike rolling again.


Steve Curtis
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by Steve Curtis

It's an fsa crank so try calling them. They are usually keen to help with things like this.

by Weenie

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