Does anyone know anything about forumla R1's ?

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by cws196

nef1234 is a good ebay seller based in France I have dealt with on Formula parts.

Silverfish have been good for me, tbh, plus they have a new website coming soon where you'll be able to buy all spares direct.

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by rspblake

Just though I would add to this post!

I contacted Silverfish, all and all was helpful to a point, but to be honest they are out of stock of Fd-m053-25 which includes then extra charges for the rubber diaphragm.

lot of money for a bit of rubber lol

Why they charge it that way is strange as its fitted, but could not help in who had stock and so on..

moan!!, why wait till last one and then not have stock for 2-3 weeks

My cheat!
I've found that cutting down the edge of a Fd-m62-25 although the photo on there site shows the right style diaphragm(without an edge) the later diaphragm will not fit unless you cut it down.

It has like a o ring raised area, I used my old rear cap cleaned of old rubber then glued with evo stick over night.

I used the cap to guide cut the edge away, just lift the edge of the diaphragm onto the treaded section, make sense if you do it.

works great, but be careful as sharp knives cut rubber and fingers lol

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