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by clouchi

I want to start XC racing again. The problem is, I only (!) have 3 bikes and not much money to spend at the moment.
My old XC bike is an old Cannondale F700 with H'shock. However the seatpost is seized. I am not sure it can be saved and it would be a hacksaw job to save it. I have a pair of Fox Float RLC 100 forks from 10 years back to hand. I also have lots of 10yr old XT parts and USE Ti seatposts/Carbon seatpost/Hope mini monos/etc etc. So my problem is which frame for general XC and enduro (up to 6 hours) use? If I can save the 'Dale, I'll use it for short <2 hrs races, but if not, what should I build up? (I should point out I will be racing in N. Germany).

Thanks for your input.

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by clouchi

PS. i do realise the most important thing, is training, heart and lungs :D

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by 02GF74


one way to remove a stuck seat post - using amonia

note it works for steel frames but not aluminium alloy frames; the heat generated may damage carbon fibre frames.

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by thisisnotaspoon

Depending on your budget, you can get a Canyon Grand Canyon AL-29er for less than some frames, Rose do a similar spec'd bike too. Although I'm writing this from the UK which makes most of the German mail order bikes seem like a bargain thanks to the exchange rate at the moment, so maybe not if you're already on the continent.

For frame only, have you considdered an On-One ScandAl (not sure if they still do a 26" though) or Whippet (you'd likely need a compatible headset, press fit chainset, front mech which possibly makes it less of a bargain) ?

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